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The ultimate gift for supporting mum to be on the journey of pregnancy and beyond. The hamper includes a hand-picked selection of products every pregnant mumma will appreciate:

Pregnancy Love

  • Raspberry leaf tea by LOVE

    This herbal tea help’s with mother’s preparation for birth in the third trimester of pregnancy. Raspberry leaf has been traditionally used during the later stages of pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterus, in preparation for childbirth. Raspberry leaf is nutrient rich, and can also be taken post birth to help promote healthy recovery. Love Tea organic Raspberry Leaf Loose Leaf herbal tea offers a gentle and earthy flavour.

    This blend is caffeine free, is Certified Organic, Fairly traded, completely biodegradable.


    Soul soak Botanical bath

    Relax your body and mind by unwinding in a your own bath ritual especially for the mum to be.

    This botanical bath infusion harnesses the soothing minerals of magnesium salt crystals and the calming power of herbal botanicals to nurture your body, mind and spirit in your own sacred bath ritual.


    Rescue remedy 

    Famous for its calming and relaxing properties. Perfect for those challenging moments of pregnancy or new motherhood.

    The original blend of bach flower essences, completely safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


    Belly oil by perfect potions

    An all-natural body oil that nourishes and mositurises the skin to help avoid stretch marks. Enriched with apricot kernel, avocado and mandarin oils it keeps the skin soft and supple during pregnancy.



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