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HAVE JOY by Cleo Wade.

'Oftentimes when the world feels chaotic, we begin to feel as if it is somehow inappropriate to have joy.

Have your joy. Joy is a form of radical self-care.


Joy energises us to take on even the most difficult circumstances. When we have joy, especially in the midst of challenging times we are saying to the world “I will define the current state of the world around me instead of allowing it to define me.”


Today, regardless of what is happening, empower yourself by embracing your joy.'

lulujoy - Gifts for boldly loving the women in your life.

Lulujoy gifts are cultivated with love and care so that the women in your life know you are there for them.

These gifts have been curated with quality, purity and sustainability at mind.  

At lolujoy sisterhood is created through kindness and connection.

It fills us with joy to see each unique women being celebrated for who they are and what they bring into this world.

I say this to you sister, in case no one told you today:

you are perfect, you are loved, you are strong, you are enough!




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